Work: in June, Weebly became part of Square so now I'm a Square employee. I'm still working on Weebly projects and staying with the team.

Travel: I just got back from a week long trip. We (Kristen & I) went to southern California and Arizona to visit her family. It is extremely hot down there, hottest temperature I've ever been in, at 117ºF!

Personal: I'm focusing more on eliminating distractions or wasteful things in my everyday life. I started riding my bike back in May and have continued to ride it pretty steadily. I'm feeling better about each ride as I'm getting stronger.

Learning: my focus has been to study & build node.js apps recently, I'm still not very good at it but I'm hoping to continue learning more, it's mostly about being disciplined now.

If you'd like to reach out and discuss anything, contact me on Twitter: @usmanity